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Outsourced Bookkeeping & Tax Prep FAQ

What size of business benefits from Outsourced Bookkeeping services?
Small and medium sized businesses with revenues ranging between £500k and £25m per month can benefit from our bookkeeping services. Like you, we understand the difficulties of running a small business, and that's why we specialise in small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How can outsourcing do better work and cost less?
Bookkeeping is our only business. We assign duties to our staff best skilled to accomplish the task. We leverage economies of scale. Finally, we have developed systems and procedures for our staff rather than individual approaches for each client. This makes us far less vulnerable to employee turnover than with an in-house bookkeeper.

What kind of Help Desk support is available to me?
Our staff is available to you via E-mail, Chat/IM or Phone for any questions or clarifications.

What about security? Can other people access my data?
Right now if you are like most of us, your accounting records are in an unlocked file cabinet or worse sitting on someone’s desk. We go to great lengths when it comes to security measures. We use the same level of 128-bit encryption that a major bank, such as CitiBank and Wells Fargo use to access and process information. It is secure and it is dependable. For the first time you can be assured that you and only you are privy to your most important data.

Won’t I lose control if the books are done by an outside service?
Like most business owners you are probably out of control right now with inaccurate accounting data or staff that leave.

I have an accounting package already running on my computer and I would like to maintain my accounts there only. How can you handle it?
that's precisely what we do. We login to your computer and do all bookkeeping entries from scanned documents that are stored there. So, the next day morning you have the latest state of accounts available in your computer when you open the updated accounts file.

What software can I use?
We work with a variety of software packages such as Sage® MAS90, QuickBooks®, Simply Accounting®, MYOB®, and Peachtree®. There are also several internet-based accounting packages, such as ePeachtree®, NetLedger® and QuickBooks® for the Web.

Do I have to leave my current accountant?
Of course not. We are offering to take away your bookkeeping headaches. Balanced Books does not prepare income tax returns; however, we do work closely with a Certified Public Accountant of your choice. We work in partnership with your CFO, Controller and CPA. Your current accountant will be grateful for accurate data that they can really use to help you build more wealth.

Does my accountant have access to my books?
Only with your express permission! By allowing your accountant to access your data, your accountant can review or change your data files. No more running back up diskettes to your accountant. This alone adds up to a huge savings in time and money.

What are the Setup Charges?
To be true, we DO incur setup charges for connecting your system to the VPN. However, we are so confident of our quality that we know you would love to use our service. Therefore, we absorb the entire setup charges and do not charge you at all whether you continue using our services or not.

I would not like to provide any access to my computer to you. Can I still use your services?
You can use the QuickBooks Online Edition wherein we can remotely work on your data on QB servers and you can login through internet at any point to see your accounts.

Do I need to have some costly "high-end" computer in my office for you to work remotely?
No. The computer that you use now for your regular work will do just fine. You don't need to invest on any additional equipment.

I like having an extra employee around here to help with other things.
This is one objection we cannot answer. If you need someone to make coffee and fill his or her day with other small tasks, outsourced bookkeeping is not for you. But let me ask you this, "How easy is it to find a good bookkeeper that knows QuickBooks®, MYOB® or Peachtree®?" Aren’t you tired of the never-ending cycle of problems caused by the entire process?