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Sample Financial Statements

We provide a variety of financial statements to enable you to be fully aware of and in control of the finances of your company. You can use these statements as a tool to understand the health of your business and determine what needs to be done to improve the profitability.

Given below is a list of financial statements that we can make available to you. In addition, we can provide customized financial statements suited to your business. Click on the links below to open sample financial statements (of a non-existent company) in PDF format. You would need Adobe Reader to view these files.


 Company & Financials

  1. Profit & Loss Standard Statement
  2. Profit & Loss Detailed Statement
  3. Profit & Loss YTD Comparison
  4. Profit & Loss by Job
  5. Profit & Loss by Class
  6. Profit & Loss Unclassified
  7. Income by Customer Summary
  8. Income by Customer Detail
  9. Expenses by Vendor Summary
  10. Expenses by Vendor Detail
  11. Income and Expense Graph
  12. Balance Sheet Standard
  13. Balance Sheet Detail
  14. Bal. Sheet Prev. Year Comparison
  15. Net Worth Graph
  16. Statement of Cash Flows
  17. Cash Flow Forecast

 Customers & Receivables

  1. A/Cs Receivable Aging Summary
  2. A/Cs Aging Detail
  3. Customer Balance Summary
  4. Customer Balance Detail
  5. Open Invoices
  6. Collections Report
  7. Unbilled Costs by Job
  8. Transaction List by Customer


  1. Sales by Customer Summary
  2. Sales by Customer Detail
  3. Sales by Item Summary
  4. Sales by Item Detail
  5. Sales by Rep Summary
  6. Sales by Rep Detail
  7. Sales Graph by Item
  8. Sales Graph by Customer

 Job & Time

  1. Job Profitability Summary
  2. Job Profitability Detail
  3. Item Profitability
  4. Profit & Loss by Job
  5. Unbilled Costs by Job
  6. Open Purchase Orders by Job

 Vendors & Payables

  1. A/Cs Payable Aging Summary
  2. A/Cs Payable Aging Detail
  3. Vendor Balance Summary
  4. Vendor Balance Detail
  5. Unpaid Bills Detail
  6. Accounts Payable Graph
  7. Transaction List by Vendor
  8. 1099 Summary
  9. 1099 Detail
  10. Sales Tax Liability
  11. Sales Tax Revenue Summary


  1. Purchases by Vendor Summary
  2. Purchases by Vendor Detail
  3. Purchases by Item Summary
  4. Purchases by Item Detail
  5. Open Purchase Orders
  6. Open Purchase Orders by Job


  1. Inventory Valuation Summary
  2. Inventory Valuation Detail
  3. Inventory Stock Status by Item
  4. Inventory Stock Status by Vendor
  5. Physical Inventory Worksheet


  1. Deposit Details
  2. Check Details
  3. Reconcile Discrepancy
  4. Reconciliation Detail

 Accountant & Taxes

  1. Trial Balance
  2. General Ledger
  3. Transaction Detail by Account
  4. Journal
  5. Transactions List by Date
  6. Account Listing

 Budget and Forecasts

  1. Budget Overview
  2. Budget vs. Actual Graph